All the best looks from New York Fall Fashion Week 2021

While this season's display of new collections from new designers certainly looks different than it has in previous years, New York Fashion Week 2021 remains one of the best ways for up-and-coming designers to gain exposure. It is also the place where we can obsess over designers we all know and love. Whilst we may not know what the world will look like in Autumn 2021, we can predict that we'll look great when it comes around.

Here our favourite looks from all of the NYFW Fall/Winter 2021 shows.

Our favourite looks from New York Fashion Week 2021

Marina Moscone

The concept of an undone t-shirt is at the core of the collection but seen through the MM brand's lens. Her inspiration echo’s that go-to throwback from the 60s, with a touch of school uniform tailored throughout the collection playing on trends such as plaid, pleats, and the classic rugby shirt.

Marina Moscone's concept look of an oversized rugby shirt with yellow, red, blue and white patterns

Marina Moscone's concept look of a dark blue pleated dress with oversized light blue buttons

Prabal Gurung

Prabal Gurung showcased a love letter to New York City with his combined collection for the pre-fall and fall 2021 this New York Fashion Week. His show presented fitted ruched cocktail dresses, boxy evening gowns, and the lapels of sleek blazers. The show incorporated a unique floral motif, which can be seen on many of his fall 2021 designs.  Gurung stuck to a black, white, red and pink colour palette, focusing on eye-catching silhouettes blending Downtown cool and Uptown chic.

Polka dots also feature prominently, but as he explains, bouquets served as "a reminder that we find light in the true expression of our most real and authentic selves in the midst of uncertainty and darkness." We love the unique pieces in the Prabal Gurung show and will definitely be taking inspiration for future collections.

Prabal Gurung's fashion look of a ruffled white dress with small black polka dots

Prabal Gurung's concept look of a red suit jacket with red suit pants, black gloves and a black fabric broach.

Prabal Gurung's fashion outfit photograph of three models in pink dresses, with ruffled fronts and short-sleeves

Sandy Liang

It has been a year of sitting in our new at home uniforms, dreaming about what we will be wearing after the lockdown. And for her 2021 collection, Sandy Liang brought both reality and fantasy. Considering not only what her client wears every day but what she dreams of wearing in the future. Liang's signature pieces this season appeared to be through lines, such as her almond-shaped cut-outs, casual shoes, sporty-but-not-sporty vibes, and statement outerwear. But with new additions such as frothy skirts, floral embroidered, and whimsical accents.

We loved Sandy Liang’s show this year as she showcased that you can be both comfy and stylish. This is something we aim to achieve in all of our Ukiyo designs.

Sandy Liang’s outfit photograph of model in black pants and a fur tube top

Sandy Liang’s fashion outfit of a model in a middle-less wedding dress with see-through white material, wearing black knee high socks and black ribbons


For its Fall 2021 collection, Staud is highlighting all the joys found at home. From board games to dainty bouquets to all things comfy and cosy. Designer Sarah Staudinger has taken elements that many of us experienced in quarantine and placed them in an assortment of sleek separates and elegant frocks.

Fitted knit dresses come in bright colours, with one standout displaying a heart-shaped cut-out on the neckline. And chic puffer coats are covered in Neoclassical florals.

We are loving the fitted dresses and bright colours. You’ll definitely be seeing more of this in our future collections!

Photograph of model wearing Staud's fashion concept of a plain turtleneck with an oversized, puffy black jacket with an intricate floral design

Photograph of Staud's fashion look of a yellow and white striped dress with a heart shape cut out of the chest area. The model is also carrying a dark beige handbag.

Tanya Taylor

This New York fashion week, Tanya Taylor expressed her passion for interior design throughout her fall 2021 collection. Taylor sought to reflect Jeremiah Goodman’s interior design style throughout her collection. In flowing frocks, tiered drop-waist dresses, plaid separates and knits with designs crafted in Goodman's painterly style. She absolutely killed it!

Photograph of a model wearing Tanya Taylor's light, flowy dress with orange, red and white shape-based print

Model wearing Tanya Taylor's white and black plaid jumpsuit, coupled with large hoop earing and a black beret.


Her spring collection speaks to this feeling of summertime serenity via breezy cotton and linen fabrics and loose, airy silhouettes. Knits and sweaters were oversized and cosy (much like Ukiyo’s oversized sweatshirts and hoodies). Adeam used soft Japanese crepe for a hoodie dress with a flounced hem and striped indigo and camel linen for wide-leg trousers and tiered shirt dresses. 

We love how versatile each piece is and how it can be styled from day to night beautifully. Versatility and effortless styling are something Ukiyo has a strong focus on with our capsule collections.

Photograph of model wearing Adeam's fashion look of a plain white dress, layered underneath a light beige ruffled hoodie and light beige sweatpants.

Adeam's fashion piece of a model wearing a white, oversized shirt underneath a vibrant green sweater vest, coupled with green pants and beige shoes

Ukiyo Hoodies

Influencer wearing our jet black ukiyo hoodie, coupled with chain necklaces

Influencer wearing our Ukiyo hot chocolate crop hoodie with a pair of leather black pants

Ulla Johnson

The ruling queen of bohemian chic is Ulla Johnson. The designer based in Brooklyn has perfected the free spirits vibe, with a collection of airy skirts, printed gowns, embroidery and crochet. This craft is an important part of the Ulla Johnson vision, which helps women artisans across the world. We are all for female empowerment.

Our Ukiyo tracksuits have embroidered logo elements and we are so here for the detail accents. Ulla Johnson kind of attention to detail, with an eye on global awareness, is the modern definition of luxury.  We love it!

Ulla Johnson's peach pink dress with oversized sleeves and buttons, coupled with a brown pattern scarf and brown boots

Photograph of model wearing Ulla Johnson's white, turtleneck dress made from thick fabric with small white pom-poms sewn in

Ukiyo Tracksuit

Influencer wearing our Ultimate Ukiyo Frosted Olive tracksuit jogger set
Influencer wearing our Ultimate Ukiyo cream tracksuit jogger set, coupled with a black and cream fabric handbag

That’s a roundup of Ukiyo’s fave looks from the 2021 New York Fashion Week. We love everything high fashion, from the materials used to the unique designs, something that we like to translate into our own pieces.

We would love to see what your favourite New York Fashion Week 2021 looks are! So be sure to tag us on our socials using @ukiyoonline_ and the hashtags #ukiyoonline and #myukiyostyle